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Подушка упаковочные машины

Подушка упаковочные машины

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  • Другие упаковочных машин
  • Характеристики продуктов:
  • NTM-250C
  • Комметарии:
  • Он может упаковывать печенье, шоколад или конфеты.
  • Время обновления:
  • 19-10-2019
Детальные инф.
The machine is mainly applied to the packaging of biscuit, yolk pie, instant noodles, chocolate, candy, etc. block-shaped things in the industries such as food, daily chemistry, cosmetics, hardware, electronics etc. It has the function of anti-moisture, dustproof and photonegative, and also enhances the product level and additional value. It can save more than 20% cost than using the manual packaging, and it can combine the aluminum plastic packaging machine and thermal contraction-packaging machine to manufacture

Main Features:

1. Compact structure, stable and advanced performance, easy for operation.
2. Double frequency convert motor, and stepless variable speed, and the length of bag can be set on PLC, and cutting will be reaction instant, just one step, and save the time and film.
3. Adopt international famous electric components,PLC control, friendly operate interface, for convenient and rapid to set parameters.
4. Intelligence software, diagnose and show fault automatically.
5. Highly sensitive electric eye, which trace the printed web on film and make the sealing on accurate position.
6. Accurate temperature control, which is control the sealing temperature for various of packing film. And the sealing effect is very well.
7.Set the function of positioning power-off,without sticking to the blade and no waste of film.
8. Simple and clear transmission system, which is more reliable work and convenient maintenance.

9.It can equip the automatic tidy up device as customer’s requirement.

Main technical parameters:




150-200 (bags/min)

Packing size


Maximun width of film


Power  supply

AC220V 50HZ 2.4KW





Подушка упаковочные машины
  • Подушка упаковочные машины
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