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леденцы сдачи линии

леденцы сдачи линии

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  • 25-02-2020
Детальные инф.

1. This hard candy production line is an advanced candy making machine at present.

2. It combines mechanical and electric system in one.

3. This machine has the features of compact structure and high automation level.

4. With high output and production efficiency, it can produce crystal candy, center-filled candy and twin color and twin flavor candy, striped candy and coffee candy.

5. The finished candy made from this machine has transparent and smooth surface and good taste.

Technical data

Capacity                                                     300-800kg/h     

Power                                                       30-45KW        

Compressed air consumption                                   0.5m³/min       

Steam consumption                                           450kg/h         

Pressure of steam                                             P<0.7MPa      

Water consumption                                            2200L/H        

Size of the line                                                13mx2mx2.7m(H)

Weight of machine                                             6000kg          

леденцы сдачи линии
  • леденцы сдачи линии
  • леденцы сдачи линии
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